Cool Keno's Game of Patterns

As Android gadgets start to boom, so are Android game applications. One of which is the Cool Keno App. It is a video Keno that boasts quick-pattern moving application packed with unique features like the Wager Analysis that aids player to polish game strategy, the perk to be able to save and delete patterns, and the ability to engage to numerous games in Auto Play.

The Cool Keno Apps are in three versions namely Free version, Gold version, and Plus version. It is good to explore Keno's feel and process using the Free version. However, for those who want to have a full blast experience of the game, the Plus version is a perfect choice for it contains all the game's features. Whichever version you decided to play with, you will not be prompted with ads or in-app purchases. When a version is installed, you can play with your Keno board right away.

The most unique feature of the App is its Wager Analysis tool that is available in Plus version. This feature allows players to modify the number of statistics. The tool enables the player to plot strategies they deem appropriate, they can save different patterns, and adjust their desired payout. Because of the game's Move Pattern Technology, all patterns can be moved with only two keystrokes.

Making a bet in Cool Keno is easy. Also, multiple bets can be done quickly. From several keno apps, this one is comprised of three RNGs such as Standard, Loose and Super Loose. Tight patterns played via the Super Loose setting gives you very big payoffs. The game has a value button use to raise bets.

Being the only 20-card Keno game among Android games, Cool Keno is a good choice both for new and experienced players. Among the many Keno Apps available, Cool Keno gives you easy and simple pattern playing experience, yet, satisfies you with its helpful added features.