Mobile Betting: Guide to Sports Betting on Mobile Devices

One of the industries that has taken full advantage of the available modern technology is sports betting. Whereas in the past bettors had to contend with seedy back rooms and the use of land lines, modern day gamblers are living in virtual paradise, with bookies and sports books at practically the tips of their fingers. A plethora of sport betting apps has made it more convenient and accessible for the modern gambler to access his account, look up odds and place bets on almost any event at anywhere and from anywhere in the world.

Two of such sites are and is one of the biggest non-US site in the world industry today. It offers a downloadable sports betting app for gadgets such as the iPhone, iPad and Android smart phones, providing its users access to available markets, including live betting markets. is another large player in the industry, also offering apps for the iPhone and Android smart phone users. Being an industry leader, the site guarantees convenience, easy access, and an expansive range of betting events. Installing its app is very uncomplicated, with the player just needing to access its main website from his mobile browser, and initiating the download when prompted. Account management is very user-friendly as well, and the player is easily able to deposit to and withdraw from his account, access available markets and place live running bets.

There are different sport betting apps for the Apple markets and the Android users. Apple exercises strict control on what apps can be added to their store, although they have recently relaxed a bit to allow easier distribution of the betting apps. The United States has also issued sports betting restrictions, further limiting the possible Apple apps. The Android market, on the other hand, is wide open as there is no approval process for the apps. Consequently, online sportsbooks are more likely to carry more Android apps though they will not necessarily neglect the Apple market. Some sportsbooks also offer access to a mobile page thereby giving the bettor more options.

All this is in recognition of the boom that the industry is currently experiencing. It has expanded so much that it is estimated to be worth $50 Billion by 2015, and new technological updates can only expand it some more.

On top of accessibility, mobile sports betting is convenient and simple. It combines the ease of placing a bet on your desk top with the convenience of making a call with your mobile phone, using the same steps of accessing the player's account, but this time using a phone instead of a desk top. The phone obviously has to have decent internet connection. After that, the player's bet is as binding as any other bet placed using other media.